There is still no cure against COVID-19 (coronavirus):

No tea, no warm watter and no medicine will help

The best way to protect yourself is to minimize the risk of infecting others! The situation right now is, that this infection is spreading all over the world, because many people are not being attention about hygiene rules, also because they don’t realize how serious the situation is. Information and respect are more important than ever to be make the best out of this COVID-19 pandemia.




Correct information through well placed signs

If you have to block a certain area because of COVID-19, you shouldn't close it off without mounting appropriate information signs in all the places necessary. It can be done with adhesive tape but more accurate and hygienic as well as reusable are our signage and crowd control systems designed for you to react quickly, mount and exchange information within seconds!

As an extra free service to quickly react to COVID-19 by using the right hygiene advices and information signs we created templates and PDF signs for you to download completely free.
They display the right way to wash hands or how to behave appropriate to prevent the virus from spreading. 


Absperrung COVID-19 Sicherheitsabstand 1m Schild

Crowd control system "Tempaline"

Crowd control system with information signs, easy and fast transport

Hygienehinweise Gebote Verbote COVID-19 Büroeingang Aushang

Transparent Informatio pocket

Available in differentsizes, with or without window

Information COVID-19 (corona) rezeption Hotel Beschilderung

Information display

Information display, 90°

Hinweisschild Hände waschen COVID-19 Aushang

Transparente Information display

mountable on any surface with screws and dowels or double adhesive tape

Hinweisschild Theke Husten

Tabletop display

Information display horizontal or vertical for tabletops, easy and fast information exchange


Weitere Produkte finden:

COVID-19 information signs and prohibition sings.

Click on the sign and download it for free for more safety.

1m distance

Download PDF

Korrektes Husten

Download PDF

Korrekte Nutzung von Handdesinfektion

Download PDF

Kein Händeschütteln

Download PDF

Allgemeine Hinweise

Download PDF

Korrektes Händewaschen

Download PDF

Corona Schilder, Beschilderungssysteme und Absperrungen

COVID-19: Ausbreitung Verhindern mit Regeln und Vorschriften innerhalb Büros, Hotels, Banken, Apotheken
Schildervorlagen und passende Beschilderungssysteme für geeigneten Schutz